January 31, 2023

Alec H. is a Toronto-based music supervisor interested in seeking out the best independent music, and we designed a brand identity that reflects the creative, raw spirit of the music scene.

The primary Alec H. wordmark is a strong, condensed all-caps sans-serif that at first glance seems predicable, but sits a little off-kilter and looks like it's been run through the photocopier a few times. The brand identity includes a traditional minimalist layout that says “cool guy creative”, while the distressed logo, red on white, and custom cursor say “let’s get weird”.

Ramón, his adorable blind dog, wears the “metal” version of the Alec H. logo across his face, which has been visually distressed until almost illegible. This is a graphic intended for merch and alternate uses where a strong wordmark isn’t necessary.